About Us

Crow Point Partners, LLC is a $1 billion asset management firm headquartered near Boston, MA that employs a disciplined approach to global investment management using both a qualitative and quantitative research and investment process. Crow Point Partners provides investment management services to institutions and individuals through a family of 16 mutual funds and separate accounts.

Guided by Three Essential Elements

1) A Focus on Core Competencies

At Crow Point, our goal is to build on our strength and experience in global equity investing and portfolio construction. Because we believe long-term out-performance comes from superior stock selection and effective risk management, we stay focused on those core skills. We take a long view of the investment cycle and do not time markets – rather, we believe there is always an opportunity somewhere in the markets and it is our job to find it.

2) Disciplined Decisions & Process

Capital markets are inefficient and can be exploited by a disciplined, rules-based investment process.   But, our experience has taught us that quantitative discipline is not enough.  For investment strategies to perform optimally, quantitative research needs the perspective of seasoned fundamental analysts. Quant models will occasionally miss the nuance in earnings reports, which more often than not need to be carefully parsed, especially when evaluating the true quality of a company’s earnings.

3) Understanding Sources of Alpha

Crow Point’s managers are united by the common belief that a well-defined investment process grounded in proven financial theory, bottoms-up research and common sense is best positioned to deliver solid, consistent results over time.  Our proprietary stock selection and risk models have over 20 years of proven success over many different market cycles. We measure our success by long-term results that seek the benefit of market upturns, while limiting risk during downturns.  Preservation of capital is a theme that permeates all our strategies and view our sell discipline as an integral part of our investment process.